DJ Clev Dev spun into the world of DJing 13 years ago. He started off as a “TJ” hosting trivia shows, pulling in crowds and packing out bars for a 2-hour Q & A session filled with mini games. Through audience engagement and building amazing rapport bar owners and staff alike, he grew his network and began hosting karaoke nights. After a short stint of karaoke, he felt he was short of what he was truly capable and took a dive into the world of DJing. The ultimate microphone controller, with best mic checking you’ve ever seen, he’s a master MC to all events and occasions including (but not limited to) birthdays, holidays, house parties, corporate events, and graduations with a specialty in weddings. As of Master of Ceremonies, his knowledge of music incorporates many genres including top 40s, hip-hop, rap, R&B, pop, classic rock, electronic dance music, and so much more. When it comes to cost and convenience, he knows how to drop that ba$$line and take care of the hassle including those behind the scenes headache making details/sleep driving details.